I can’t wait to be a Mom!!

As we’ve been married since Oct 05 (just celebrated our 6th wedding anniv in style!), I have heard the “when are you guys gonna have kids?” question since around Nov 05!!

Back then however, it didn’t bother me cos we had our lives stretching out before us and, in all honesty, I wasn’t ready anyway!!

Since our IF was diagnosed tho, the question has bugged me more each and every time and my replies vary slightly, but the fake smile stays the same!

However (and this is one big HOWEVER!), if I am honest to myself, I wasn’t actually ready to be a Mom till about a year ago…

Now tho, I am raring to go and just cannot wait to hold our baby in my arms, come on Birth Mom’s… choose us!!! :):)

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4 thoughts on “I can’t wait to be a Mom!!

  1. Just found your blog today on fertilicare. I get asked the same question too, got married 2 months after you. I always just do the ‘smile and wave, smile and wave’ type answer. Wishing you the best with the journey

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