Nearly on the list…..eeeeek!!

Ok, so Monday brought long the long awaited home visit!! What that basically means is that our Social Worker (SW) visited the home that we will (positive thinking) share with our baby.

The visit went very well and even the doggies behaved, our SW LOVED our house and all went exactly to plan (phew)! Now, all we have between us and being on the list for our baby, is the results of the psych test. We are BEYOND excited that, finally, we are nearly there.

Don’t get me wrong tho, we are aware that the list for a white baby is as long as my arm and then some but I just have this strange feeling that we won’t be waiting too long (from my lips…). We are currently following our SW’s advice and spreading the word far and wide by form of an email to friends and family and asking them in turn to forward on…

Perhaps if anyone reading this now knows of a pregnant girl/woman in South Africa, who doesn’t know what her options are, leave a comment please….our SW advises them on ALL their options and not just adoption! Wouldn’t it be great if we found our baby through the power of social media, what a modern concept that would be!!

Thank you in anticipation for all your positive thoughts and vibes, will keep you posted!!


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