The cost of Adoption…

Now, before I start, I KNOW you cannot put a price on having a baby and I am not doing that, I’m just having a bit of a whinge about the bills that are coming in thick and fast!!

Luckily, it’s been averaging out at a bill or so a month, enabling us to keep afloat but, now we’re nearing the end of the road (so to speak), it seems the (bill) floodgates have opened! By the time we are done, we would’ve paid MORE than any IVF procedure, but with the added bonus of being 90% certain we’ll have a family this way, rather than the 20% chance of having one via IVF. So, money well spent, FOR SURE, but the belts will have to be a bit tighter this end till January at least and the pressie’s under the Christmas tree will be few and far between (with our eyes on the greater prize tho, I’m sure we’ll be just fine!!).


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