How dare you judge me?!

The main thing that has annoyed me again and again during our journey is the judgemental looks we get when asked the question: “do you want a white or black baby?” And we answer with: “white”.

One even went so far as to say: “but you know black babies give as much love as white ones”?? I really had to bite my tongue…”no REALLY?? Do they?!” DUHHHHH!

Unless you have walked a mile in our shoes, do NOT think that you know where we’re coming from!! We haven’t ruled out adopting a black child, BUT, we feel that there is enough to learn about becoming someone’s Mom and Dad, without having to do it and bring in a culture that we know nothing about, at least with our first child.
Got it? Good, cos if I have to justify myself to one more person, so help me….!!

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