Aren’t people great?

Today I had breakfast with a lovely lady called Tanya. A friend of mine referred her to me, as she had adopted a little girl 7 years ago and is very involved with all things adoption, so far as even being a counsellor to Birth Moms, so obviously a great person to know in our current situation! She was so very positive about life and motherhood in general and I learn’t loads from her in the hour and a half I spent in her company.

It made me think about the amount of amazing people you come into contact with through this journey, that you probably never would’ve met on the “normal” path to parenthood. Whether they are “friends in the computer” like forum buddies or blog buddies, or just people who are going through the same thing or have been through it a number of years ago. They are all very willing to help anyone going through what they went through, in any way they can, even of it is just to say a little prayer for them from the opposite of the world and share a few words of comfort, just like Delana did ( to me, as a comment on one of my posts. I hope that each and every one of you wonderful and giving Women, know just how much you touch the hearts of the people that you take time out of your lives to pray for, or spur on with motivating words….you’re all great beyond belief, THANK YOU on behalf of us all!

It definitely takes a special type of Woman to take this journey on and I for one am proud to be just “that” type of Woman and look forward to sharing my journey and giving hope and comfort to others like me, as I continue on my journey and also once my prayers have been answered! 🙂


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