What’s the hold up??

I can’t tell you how patient I have been over the past 5 or so years, waiting for my baby, so I think I deserve this frustration, that is threatening to boil over into a molten pit of rage…

As previously posted, we had our home visit on the 17th, where our Social Worker merrily said, “the only thing standing between you and the list, is your psych assessment. Once I receive that, you guys are on the list!”

We were SO excited by that comment, that I immediately began to pester the psychologist… I mean, we had had the assessment and paid her the vast sum of money she charged…so where was the report? Turns out, she had glandular fever and made me feel incredibly guilty that I was bugging her for our report and said that our SW would have it on Monday (yesterday).

Soooo, I patiently (well, impatiently, but quietly) waited until TODAY, before texting the psychologist asking if she had managed to complete the report yesterday. She then rang me and left a message (I was in a meeting), saying that she had rung our SW and she said that she (psychologist) WASN’T holding us up, cos we still had to have our group session and she (SW) was still waiting for our profile.

ARGHHH why tell us on the 17th Oct, that all she (our SW) was waiting for was the psych assessment… as we are booked on our group session on the 12th Nov AND she said that we could bring our profile (scrapbook) to that session AND she told us to chase the assessment up, which I did, only for her to say to the Psychologist “don’t worry, I’m still waiting for their profile and for them to go on the group session”!!!!???

We are sooooo blooming close now, so why does it always feel that we’re getting further away?? 😥


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