The Group Session

Even though I am kinda consumed by the excitement of finally being on the list and enjoying the feeling that we are finally GETTING SOMEWHERE, I wanted to post my thoughts on the group session that we had on Saturday.

There were 7 couples and 2 single Mom’s, the ages of the couples ranged from 28-48 and there was a same sex, trans racial couple too. The same sex couple had alredy adopted a little girl and one of the single mom’s had a little boy already too and so it was very interesting to hear their stories. Another couple are in the process of trying to foster siblings and 2 other couples had their “eye” on a baby, but the birth mom’s were giving them the complete run around….one of them was even demanding that the couple buy her a car!!! So it was definitely an eye opener in that respect!

The discussions were open and candid  and we heard from a couple who had given up their baby (the girl was just 16 at the time) and it was so humbling to hear their story and to see how they are still together and how supportive they are of each other. It was also so nice to hear it from ‘their’ (birth parents) side and they made everyone reach for their tissues whilst we listened!

Then we heard from a couple that had adopted a gorgeous little one, from birth. We heard the entire story, right from the initial phone call that we all long to receive, up until the birth and beyond….by the time they had finished, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house!!! The adoptive Mom also voiced what I am sure all the women around that room has wondered at one point or another….that adoption does not take away the yearning to be pregnant and to give birth (which we always assume is a Women’s right!). Cue many more crying women….! After we had heard from the adoptive parents, the birth parents said that hearing their side, helped them understand more too, so it really was a theraputic exercise for all!

All in all, it was a very emotionally challenging day, but one that made Hubby and I so much more excited, as it made it all the more real and, in fact, once we have our little one we will be standing up at one of those group sessions, giving all the other prospective parents one of the best gifts you can receive during this journey….. HOPE!!!


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