Like clockwork….

When I first came off the pill, my cycle was anywhere from 23 days – 38 days and so, when I was trying to pin point my fertile days, it was nearly impossible.

Typically, now that we have thrown all ideas of ttc naturally out of the window, my period arrives like clockwork, on the 25th of every month. It started last year, when it arrived on the 25th September… hubby’s birthday!!! What bad luck I thought, no birthday nookie and I had to rush off to buy him a pressie instead (I’m joking!)!

Since that day, it has arrived without fail, on the 25th of every month….Christmas, his birthday this year, you name it, it arrived!!! It doesn’t seem to matter whether there are 30 days, 31 or even 28 days in a month…. the morning of the 25th, it will be here!

Now, there are really only 4 days a year where I would like to be period free (or, technically I would like to be period free for 9 months, but hey!) and those are the 6th Nov (my birthday), 15th Oct (our anniv), 25th Sept (his birthday) and  25th Dec (duh!), which leaves us with 27 other days in a calendar month (or 28, depending on the month) when Aunty Flo could come a knocking and, does she? Does she heck! She would obviously much prefer to ruin 2 special days out of our 4, than none……


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