A Step in the Right Direction??

Ok, so today I decided to have a duvet day. The weather was rainy and Hubby is in the UK and so the dogs and I were snuggled on the sofa watching movies and had just finished our third, when I got an email…

It was from a woman who had seen our plea on a website, is pregnant and has just broken up with her boyfriend, so is weighing up her options and wanted our Social Worker’s details, so she could chat to her.

So I speed dialled our SW and was very surprised to hear her voicemail message saying that she was out of the country until the 13th January (!!) She hadn’t mentioned that when I told her our holiday plans, but hey ho, I decided to ring her partner instead and then got no reply!!

When we first met Zoe, she said that as soon as we got even a sniff of the possibility of a baby, we should tell them immediately and here I was, trying my darndest to get hold of them to tell them of the first “lead” we have had (albeit a bit of a long shot) and neither of them were contactable!! Plus hubby was out of reception and so I couldn’t get hold of him… colour me slightly FRUSTRATED!!

A couple of hours later, I heard from Joan and she said to ask the girl to call her, but she was in the bush and so her reception is a bit dodgy. Anyway, I emailed her details to the woman and now I guess the waiting resumes… tinged with a bit of hope (only the tiniest bit, as we don’t want our hearts trampled over yet again).

Hold thumbs for us!


Happy Holidays!!

Hi All

Today we had Christmas with our family and our 2.5yr old niece was beyond excited all day, which was just lovely!

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and our Christmas prayer for each and every one of you, is for us all to have our own bundles of joy, by Christmas 2012!

God Bless us Everyone!


Shooting up in a Restaurant?

Just a quicky from me tonight, as I am on my way to Jimmy Carr, but I wanted to tell you what I just witnessed in the bathrooms of Moyo @ Melrose Arch…

I wondered in to the Ladies, to find 2 women on the seats shoving something into their handbags as quick as can be. Hmmm, I thought…can’t be drugs (one was an older lady), I wonder what’s up! While I was ‘doing my business’ the younger lady said something about an injection… Could it be? I thought…can’t be heroine so, the next logical explanation would be stims for an IVF cycle, or such. So, I exit my stall and am washing my hands and repairing my make up, wondering how brave my 2 glasses of wine has made me and whether I would enquire as to the nature of the injections, when she again said something about injections and I couldn’t hold it in….”Are you doing fertility treatment?”. ” How did you know” she said, all surprised “cos I’ve been there and done that!” “Do you have a baby?” She asked, all shiny eyed…”Nope” I replied without thinking, shame, you should’ve seen the disappointment in her face! “But, you need to stay positive” and I proceeded to give her a chin up chat.

As I left the restaurant, it dawned on me how common IF has become…for goodness sake, people are even shooting up in bathrooms nowadays and not in stalls, out in the open!! Realising that and recognising the excitement tinged with desperation on her face, I must admit, it makes me kinda sad…

Anyhoo, better help hubby find a parking space, before he loses it!


If only they knew how lucky they were!!

I know I have been a bit whiney lately, but I think it’s just the stress of the past two weeks taking it’s toll, or perhaps it’s more a case of BAH HUMBUG….festive season my @ss!!Whatever it is, I feel the need to have a bit more of a whinge today, rather that than slap someone hey??

Anyhoo, the story goes like this: people in our office complex have a lovely little boy, who comes in to work with them and plays with his Granny and other members of staff all day. I was just outside with him, having a little play and one of the staff members told me that his Mummy was preggers again and so he’d be getting a brother soon. “Oh sweet” I said…. “lucky boy”! Apparently his parents don’t think so tho, because their reaction when hearing it was another boy???? THEY BURST INTO TEARS!!!!!!!!!!!

WTF??? ARE YOU SERIOUS?? Maybe I should go and pay them a visit and explain why not having that pigeon pair, really isn’t the end of the bloody world!!

Ok, rant over, hopefully my next need to vent will be fueled by good news, or something happy…. can’t promise anything tho 😉