If only they knew how lucky they were!!

I know I have been a bit whiney lately, but I think it’s just the stress of the past two weeks taking it’s toll, or perhaps it’s more a case of BAH HUMBUG….festive season my @ss!!Whatever it is, I feel the need to have a bit more of a whinge today, rather that than slap someone hey??

Anyhoo, the story goes like this: people in our office complex have a lovely little boy, who comes in to work with them and plays with his Granny and other members of staff all day. I was just outside with him, having a little play and one of the staff members told me that his Mummy was preggers again and so he’d be getting a brother soon. “Oh sweet” I said…. “lucky boy”! Apparently his parents don’t think so tho, because their reaction when hearing it was another boy???? THEY BURST INTO TEARS!!!!!!!!!!!

WTF??? ARE YOU SERIOUS?? Maybe I should go and pay them a visit and explain why not having that pigeon pair, really isn’t the end of the bloody world!!

Ok, rant over, hopefully my next need to vent will be fueled by good news, or something happy…. can’t promise anything tho 😉


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