Shooting up in a Restaurant?

Just a quicky from me tonight, as I am on my way to Jimmy Carr, but I wanted to tell you what I just witnessed in the bathrooms of Moyo @ Melrose Arch…

I wondered in to the Ladies, to find 2 women on the seats shoving something into their handbags as quick as can be. Hmmm, I thought…can’t be drugs (one was an older lady), I wonder what’s up! While I was ‘doing my business’ the younger lady said something about an injection… Could it be? I thought…can’t be heroine so, the next logical explanation would be stims for an IVF cycle, or such. So, I exit my stall and am washing my hands and repairing my make up, wondering how brave my 2 glasses of wine has made me and whether I would enquire as to the nature of the injections, when she again said something about injections and I couldn’t hold it in….”Are you doing fertility treatment?”. ” How did you know” she said, all surprised “cos I’ve been there and done that!” “Do you have a baby?” She asked, all shiny eyed…”Nope” I replied without thinking, shame, you should’ve seen the disappointment in her face! “But, you need to stay positive” and I proceeded to give her a chin up chat.

As I left the restaurant, it dawned on me how common IF has become…for goodness sake, people are even shooting up in bathrooms nowadays and not in stalls, out in the open!! Realising that and recognising the excitement tinged with desperation on her face, I must admit, it makes me kinda sad…

Anyhoo, better help hubby find a parking space, before he loses it!


5 thoughts on “Shooting up in a Restaurant?

    • I know, I wonder sometimes whether it is God’s way of trying to find Mommy and Daddies for babies that don’t have any ie: trying to gently push more people down the road to Adoption. That way the population of the world doesn’t increase as much either….I wonder how he chooses the couples though, perhaps it is only the best and the strongest who are picked? Although none of us, going through this, feel best or strong during our low times! Thanks for the comment 🙂

      • That is very, very possible. My husband and I were just talking about the fact that we know we wouldn’t adopt if we had our own children already and maybe God had us go through infertility for that purpose. I think it does take someone special to adopt; however, while I say that, I feel like the opposite of who I think that “special person” is. 🙂 May God bless you on your journey!

  1. Its really sad….we feel all alone when we on this IF journey when there is so many people out there that is going through the same as us. When i’m sad my loving hubby tries his best to let me know that we still have a shot its maybe a loooooong shot but nevertheless we still got a shot there is woman out there with no functioning ovaries or men with no sperm at all…..then it makes us think that we are not alone and that we are more in norm then what we think.
    When meeting somebody who is also on the IF road gives me an instant bond to them coz we have something in common……i treasure the friends i made on the forums…..coz like u said the know what we going through.

    A merry x-mas to u and a positive and blessed 2012 to u and your hubby.

    Always keep believing…….our time will come


    Take care

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