Hedging our bets…. or maybe not!!

When I was avidly emailing our profile out to every Tom, Dianne and Harry, after we were approved (YAY!!), I came across a home for unwed mothers (bet you thought that there were none of those left in this day and age huh?), so I sent our profile there. A lovely lady came back to me and said that, should I want to be considered by one of their mothers, then we would have to go through their Social Worker for a basic screening (as we are already approved).

To start off this “basic” screening, we had to attend an info session and hear all about adoption and the process (again!!). So, we dutifully went along there and paid another R650 to do something we had already done before (when will this expense end??) and found ourselves surrounded by 6 other very normal and young couples!!! (To advise you why we were a bit disturbed by this, I have to rewind for a minute, to our very first group info session in England, where we were the youngest by about 10 years and so thought we had a very good chance at being “picked” first! Even when we went to our final group session in November, we were the youngest couple there and thought again that we must have a good chance at being “first in line to a baby”!) So, here we sat, having spent R650 to hear the same info we have heard twice before, PLUS we had to listen to these lovely people detail how they had arrived at this point in their rocky road to parenthood and watch them look around, amazed that they had finally met other people in the same boat as them and all hubby and I could think about was that these wonderful YOUNG people were all our COMPETITION in this “race” to adopt what is very rare in adoption circles in South Africa…. a white baby!!

Needless to say that, once we had heard how this Social Worker had only placed 6 babies last year and has 2 of these information sessions every month, where an average of 5 couples come onto her books after EVERY session, which makes approx 120 couples a year, who are after 6-8 babies, we left there, not feeling lighthearted that we had found another avenue to explore (which we had hoped to feel), but downright bloody depressed at the thought of the “bun fight” that still awaits us in this ongoing journey that we are on, as infertility becomes more and more the norm among young couples out there!

Lord, I am now tired, please let our baby be around the corner and give me the strength to make it to that corner. Amen

Still a baby shower reject!

And I wonder if I will ever be anything other than a “baby shower reject”??

A girl (ok, woman at our age!) who I am friends with in all ways (and not just on facebook!), plus I even went to primary school with the father of the baby, is having her baby shower tomorrow… and I am not invited 😦

I only found out by mistake, when visiting another friend today for a cheeky vino after work, as she assumed that I was going and, why aren’t I?? The only reason I can think of, is that there is a great big sign on my head which reads “INFERTILE, DON’T LET NEAR BABIES OR EXPECTANT MOTHERS, AS MAY EXPLODE”.

Carron, I hope you have a wonderful time tomorrow and, I promise I won’t try and steal your baby when I see you after the birth!