Still a baby shower reject!

And I wonder if I will ever be anything other than a “baby shower reject”??

A girl (ok, woman at our age!) who I am friends with in all ways (and not just on facebook!), plus I even went to primary school with the father of the baby, is having her baby shower tomorrow… and I am not invited 😦

I only found out by mistake, when visiting another friend today for a cheeky vino after work, as she assumed that I was going and, why aren’t I?? The only reason I can think of, is that there is a great big sign on my head which reads “INFERTILE, DON’T LET NEAR BABIES OR EXPECTANT MOTHERS, AS MAY EXPLODE”.

Carron, I hope you have a wonderful time tomorrow and, I promise I won’t try and steal your baby when I see you after the birth!


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