On our way, or nearly!

This morning I woke up with the tell tale signs that AF was coming, so I quickly calculated and, if she turned up this morning before 12, then tomorrow we would start and, if she only came this afternoon, then Sat would be the day. I have been a bit worried that CD2 might fall on a Sunday, when the clinic is closed (which would be just my luck!). Half an hour later, she arrived!! WOOO HOOOOOOO, pending the result of the bloods and scan in the morning, I should be able to start turning myself into a human pincushion tomorrow!!!!

I am excited, scared sh!tless too, but glad that the first wait is over (waiting for AF). Anyway, at work, I pulled my sister aside (14 days till she pops by the way!) and told her… so she looked at me dubiously and said “are you ready”? I shrugged and she gave me this look and walked away!! Now, we have a chat function at work on our pc’s, so I opened a chat with her and said:

me: Not ready…don’t think you ever fully are, but excited to get going again, hate the     waiting! Looks like June is going to be an exciting month! Sent at 11:01 AM on Thursday

and I waited for a reply and waited and waited and got nothing! So I log onto the forum that we are both on (she is in the preggo’s room however, while I am perpetually in the TTC room….or TTC Vets now!!) and see that she is online giving advice and support to all and sundry on there, yet….her real life sister, sitting just a 100 feet away, she gives nothing to!!!

ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! Ok, that feels a bit better! I am not going to ruin my excitement because of her selfishness. Instead, I am going to concentrate on shedding my lining, so I get the green light to start shooting up tomorrow… here we goooooooo!

4 thoughts on “On our way, or nearly!

  1. I just followed your link from the Stirrup Queens Lost and Found page.

    Woohoo! Glad AF arrived before noon and that you are on your way! May this 3rd round of IVF be your turn!

  2. Hi! Here from LFCA – I am also waiting for AF to get going with IVF, but am one month behind … our embryologist is away until next month, but we are now one step closer to IVF! Exciting! Looking forward to following your journey as you go through IVF – I’ll be able to read what’s happening and prepare myself for my round in July! 🙂

    • Hi Alicia
      Thanks for your message. Great news that you will nearly be on your way with your cycle! Wishing you best of luck and I hope you get your BFP!

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