Better late than never!

Ok, so yesterday didn’t quite go to plan…turns out my progesterone levels were too high yesterday and I wasn’t allowed to take my purple bag of meds home with me 😦

So, I went back today and, thank the Lord, my levels were fine, I was given my first jab and AWAY WE GOOOO!!

After my appt, I went for a lovely massage (much needed cos of all this extra stress) and then to a birthday do for my Aunt.

After the lunch, a wife of one of my cousin’s came up to me (they have been having trouble conceiving) and asked when we were going to be doing our IVF, I said that we were there today…so she said that they are going to be starting a cycle on Monday, at Medfem!

Going back to my first and second cycles, I would’ve killed for a real life cycle buddy. Now that I am older and wiser, however, all I can think of is… what happens if one of us is unsuccessful??? I know it’s cynical and I know it WILL (positive thinking!) be wonderful when we both get our BFP’s and are pg together but, what if??

Also, my sister knew that yesterday went pear shape but, has she bothered to check with me today if all is well?? Umm, NOPE!! 12 days to go…

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