I’M BAAAAAACK! In case you were wondering what the long silence was for…it was only because my concentration levels were gnat like for days after the general and not for anything serious.

Well, the morning of the ZIFT dawned bright and early (for us anyway!) and we sped to the clinic, looking forward to seeing how my 9 eggies had fertilised. I was hoping for 8 embies, but was prepared to accept 6, which meant that we would hopefully have some to freeze for the first time ever!! Not to be…we got 4.

With a ZIFT you always transfer more embies than the usual 2, as you cannot monitor them for 3 or 5 days like you can with a normal transfer and so you cannot choose the best and, as the odds aren’t great that 100% of fertilised embies make it to babies, we transferred all 4 zygotes.

I am not going to lie and say that the laparoscopy was a breeze…it wasn’t! From the moment I opened my eyes I was in constant pain till about 12 hours ago (and the ZIFT was  5 days ago). The gas first of all, took 3-4 days to disperse and so, every time I stood up or walked around,  the shoulder pain was immense. I pretty much stayed in bed for 4 days straight until I had to get up to visit my nephew, who arrived safely the day after my procedure. It wasn’t only the gas though, my insides had also taken a complete battering with the retrieval and then the tube into my tubes the very next day, so lying down was the best place for me.

And now, the wait begins… implantation should be taking place over the next couple of days and so the analyzing of every twinge/cramp/feeling starts here!!! Test day is only on the 5th July…will I be able to resist peeing on a stick before that day?? You’ll have to watch this space!

Please remember us in your prayers…


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