Never plain sailing….

Just as I was beginning to believe that, perhaps, just maybe, this pregnancy could actually be a reality… I went for my 4th beta today, to find that it didn’t double!! My beta’s have been as follows:

3rd July = 124
5th July = 251
7th July = 544
9th July = 714!!

Plus, yesterday I had sharp pains in my right ovary that lasted 40 mins and happened twice, so now I am panicking about an ectopic….especially as I had a ZIFT and the zygotes were put back in my right tubes 😦

I have emailed my Fertility Specialist and am awaiting his response. The nurse didn’t seem too worried though and said that they don’t need to see me till my scan on the 25th… but I’m like WTH?? 3 beta’s rose perfectly and then it didn’t even go up 50% …why, when we were THIS close to believing that it was actually our time, does something like this have to happen??

Please keep us in your prayers…

Bok xx

7 thoughts on “Never plain sailing….

  1. You are in my thoughts and prayers always. Interesting I was telling a friend this morning that I need to check up on my “friend in the computer” 😉 to see if all is going well and as planned. 25th of June or July ? Just checking, I know it is July. Really that’s too long to wait in my opinion if you are experiencing that kind of pain, isn’t there someone else that can help you in the meantime? Hope the FS responds that you can come in earlier than that.

    • Hey there. Thanks so much once again! I managed to get an appointment for Friday, so will hopefully see a sac IN THE RIGHT PLACE and all will proceed smoothly from here on in pls pls pls pls!!!

  2. I just wanted to let you know I am an avid follower of your blog and definitely a cheerleader for you and your hubby. I am praying for you on this side of the world. I found an article that I thought might allay some of your fears from the American Academy of Pregnancy. Being an OB nurse, I just wanted you to see the normal levels for your self. Here is the link: God bless

  3. I also forgot to state that the pain you are experiencing may not be an ectopic but could very well be related to round ligament pain and the stretching of your uterus. Your baby or babies may have implanted on the right wall of the uterus thus causing discomfort on that side . Hope this info helps

    • Thank you so much for your info and support and for the link that you sent me. It means so much to me that you took the time out to send that to me. I am trying to remain positive, we will see what the scan on Friday brings!

  4. I never said congratulations! I have enjoyed following your journey. I have my fingers crossed for you!! Staystrong!

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