15 Weeks today!!

Today we are 15 weeks pregnant!!

Every time I think that, I get a shiver! In 5 weeks I will feel baby move and in 2.5 weeks we will find out whether we are having a boy or a girl πŸ™‚ So excited about what’s ahead (still with a hint of worry, but I am slowly getting used to that feeling and it is a little easier to live with).

We invested in a fetal doppler device (angelsounds), which detects the heartbeat and can be used at home. We have used it once a week since 12 weeks, but have not located the heartbeat…until Sunday, when we found it immediately! What a wonderful sound that is, my baby’s heartbeat, beating away inside of me!!! SUCH a surreal feeling πŸ™‚ We recorded it and counted, it was beating at 150bpm and I have listened to it on my phone countless times since. What a wonderful device and something that will get us through the weeks between scans…we will be careful to only use it once a week though!

UPDATE ON 14 WEEK SCAN Last week we had our first scan with our new OB/GYN. He is very nice, around 60 years old, so has been around the block a bit πŸ˜‰ He gave me a lecture on healthy eating and told me to eat toast/wholewheat cereal/ boiled egg for breakfast, salad for lunch and a small portion of carbs with protein for supper!! Wowsers, have decided that only men could assume that would be enough to satiate my increased pregnancy appetite!! Oh yes, he did say I could snack…on ryvitas!!! EEEK, so much for eating for 2 hey? Haha, anyway, I see where he is coming from and choose to ignore only the portion sizes and choice of snack… healthy within reason, but allowed to indulge once in a while, is my philosophy!

I made the rookie mistake of having an empty bladder for the scan (too well trained for the countless internal “probe” scans I had to endure, where you have to have a very empty bladder) and so the visual wasn’t great, but baby looked happy and was waving again! He/she measured 14weeks 3 days and so a couple of days ahead still and Dr B was happy with what he saw. We could see the spine in detail, as well as the eyes, including the lenses, which was just amazing! Next time I am going to make sure that I am bursting, to ensure that we see the sex πŸ˜€Β Next Scan is on the 5th October!

Update on symptoms: Currently not sleeping very well, even though I am not getting up every night to wee and so I am quite tired during the day. Otherwise I have a bit of heartburn now and then (mostly when I am a greedy pig!) and still throw up nearly once a day when brushing my teeth! Otherwise I am feeling fine. I have definitely gotten off lightly where morning sickness is concerned.

Bump Watch: Still look more fat than pregnant and am suffering from serious “Bump Envy”! When I see obviously pregnant ladies, I wish that my bump would look like theirs! I know it’s not long till it does (I do look definitely pregnant at night, especially after eating!) but, as usual, I don’t want to wait!! Sigh…here I am wishing away time and I know that, come 34 weeks or so, I am going to wonder where the time went!

“Thank you Lord for the miracle which you have bestowed upon us”

Bok xx

2 thoughts on “15 Weeks today!!

  1. 15 weeks already! No way!!! Time really does fly.

    Congrats, hope everything keeps sailing smoothly (you deserve that after all you have been through and the initial scare)

    You are in my thoughts and prayers always


    PS: Have you told your family yet? What was their reaction?

    • Hey!

      Yes, we told my family on 1st Sept, after our 12 week scan and at my Gran’s memorial dinner, it felt fitting to do it that way, as the baby is a gift from her after all πŸ™‚ They couldn’t be happier for us πŸ˜€

      Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers xx

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