The Perpetual 2 Week Wait

So, everyone that has been through infertility and IVF’s before, knows all to well the feeling of the dreaded 2 week wait, between transferring your embryos and waiting to be able to test to see if you are pregnant. To say it drags is an UNDERSTATEMENT!!! You are up and your are down…one day sure you are pregnant, the next sure that you aren’t and never ever will be…a complete rollercoaster of emotions.

What I didn’t realise is that, once you get your BFP (positive pregnancy test), the next 8 months is one long 2 week wait!! 2 weeks to wait for your first scan, 2-3 weeks till your second and then third and then it changes to 3-4 weeks!! All this without any outward sign that you are actually pregnant and that everything is progressing as it should…it is like living in my own personal hell!!

Today marks 2 weeks till our next scan…we have already endured a week and a half and now I still have another 2 weeks in limbo?? To tell you that I cannot WAIT to have a bump and to feel our miracle baby move, is also an understatement…if someone gave me a time machine right now, I would set it for 5 weeks time, no questions asked, I would just jump in it and go!!

I suppose that it doesn’t help that I am in that “in between stage”… too fat to fit my old clothes nicely and too small to fit into maternity wear…ARGH it’s so frustrating!!! I WANT TO LOOK PREGNANT AND NOT JUST LIKE I ATE TOO MANY PIES (although I am incidentally eating a very nice cornish pasty right now 😉 ).

Anyway, that’s enough of a whinge from my side, it’s Friday today and we have a loooong weekend ahead of us, it’s a public hol here on Monday and hubby’s birthday on Tuesday, so we are off work in 2.5 hours time for 4 days…BLISS!

Enjoy the weekend everyone 🙂


One thought on “The Perpetual 2 Week Wait

  1. Hope your hubby had a wonderful birthday? And yes, you couldn’t have put it any better it is a perpetual 2WW.

    I am sure it is just a matter of time before you start to look pregnant. Enjoy every moment of the journey 🙂

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