Why I can’t wait to be your Mommy…

Before we find out whether we are expecting a boy or a girl this weekend, I wanted to list the reasons that I put myself through all that I did, to become a Mommy and it goes something like this:


  • from the moment that you open your eyes, you will look at me like I am the most important person in the world to you and I will be!
  • when you have an owie, you will want me, your Mommy and no one else will do
  • to play with you will be the most fun Mommy has had since she was a child
  • I will get to teach you all that is fascinating about this world
  • I will get to see Daddy become the best Daddy in the world, just like I have always known he will be
  • I will get to watch you learn new things on a daily basis and be the proudest Mommy in the world
  • I get to have the priviledge to mould you into the best person you can be, to be caring to people and animals and the world, to be funny, loyal and to laugh all the time
  • I will get to read you bed time stories and watch your little face light up with pleasure at the tales
  • I will get to make forts or princess castles with you and watch you play in them for hours
  • watching you sleep will become Mommy’s new favourite pastime
  • because this is why I was put on this earth

I don’t mind whether you are a boy or a girl my darling, I just pray that you are healthy and happy, because you will be loved so much, regardless.


One thought on “Why I can’t wait to be your Mommy…

  1. Are you excited or nervous about finding out this weekend? Have you picked out names yet or still waiting? Must be such an exciting time for you and your hubby

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