Message received loud and clear…

Some regular readers may remember a year or so ago, when one of my BFF’s excluded us from her child’s birthday party for the age old reason “because you don’t have children”.

Well, it took a long time, but I eventually let her back into the fold. It was around the time we got pregnant with Eloise and so I didn’t want any negativity around me. I explained why what she did hurt so much and she said she understood and didnt do it deliberately and was sorry blah blah blah….

Fast forward to March and the day I finally got given our Court date. Hubby was away in USA and I wanted to tell SOMEONE, you all know what it’s like when you get great news, you just want to shout it out from the rooftops!! So, the date was the 10th April and we had already decided that we were going to hold off on having our adoption party/baby shower until the 90 days had passed AND we had signed everything at court. I wasn’t going to wait a second longer than I needed to though and so I immediately sent out a “Save the Date” email to family and friends.

We have a large family and so we decided to split the 2 parties… family first on the 13th April and then friends on the 20th.

My “BFF” immediately emailed me back saying that she would have to get back to me, as it was her birthday and she was planning a party. I knew it was her birthday but, as she hadn’t mentioned anything about a party, I thought she would be very happy to celebrate with our special boy….WRONG!!!! So, I offered to postpone to the 27th and heard NOTHING.

A few days later another friend mentioned that T had had a bitch to her about the fact that I obviously had forgotten her birthday…so I sent T another email explaining that I hadn’t forgotten and, if she was dead set against celebrating together with A, then we would postpone, but she must just let me know….NOTHING came back, so I left it.

Fast forward a few weeks and another friend rang me to let me know that the email invite to T’s birthday party ON THE 20TH, had gone out… all the same peeps we had sent the save the date to. WELL, I have never seen red so much as I did then!! How bloody dare she!!

Luckily I was with my stunning friend S at the time and she talked me off the ledge a bit but I just couldn’t help saying something to her…so I mailed her a single line:

“message received loud and clear”

A few hours later, I received a mail back saying something along the lines of “excuse me, but I am allowed to celebrate my life too”. Shoooo weeeee, you could see the smoke coming out my ears!!! I explained to her as nicely as I could that I had OFFERED to postpone and had heard nothing and now, by doing this, she is making everyone choose and, not between her and me BUT between her and Ashton, which I thought was disgusting!

What did she come back with? Well, some utter tripe about me using A as a pawn and I should be celebrating him now and not waiting for a piece of paper etc etc etc.

Suffice to say, she is fully REMOVED from my Christmas card list, never to be reinstated again!

Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice…


2 thoughts on “Message received loud and clear…

  1. Is this a script for a new tv series???? WHAT!!!! I’m in shock!!! Had to read this post multiple times as I kept thinking I was getting my dates mixed up!

    Let’s just say with friends like these who needs enemies.

    So sorry xxx

  2. What a selfish, inconsiderate person. I think that it’s awfully telling that you offered to reschedule and she refused to even acknowledge that. Yuck.

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