On the 18th of December 2012, our baby boy came home.

We call this day our Familyversary, a phrase that I love and which I borrowed from another adoptive parent.

However, after Maverick passed away suddenly on Monday, we really didn’t feel in the mood for celebrating much on Wednesday, especially with our family being 1 short.

Some people wont understand how dogs can creep into your heart and stay there, just as much as a human can, but that is how I feel about my dogs. Especially Maverick, as we got him after our first failed ivf and always referred to him as our first born.

We are really struggling to get our heads around the fact that he has gone and will no longer run round to greet us with his tail wagging like mad, when we come home, or beg us to play, or feed them. We find ourselves feeding the dogs later and later because it was his job to remind us.

So, we forgave ourselves for not going overboard with the celebrating on our Familyversary. We actually took a trip to home affairs, with our recently aquired adoption order, to start the change of his name to ours, so a big step forward in nearing the end of the adoption procedure at last. We then spent the rest of the day thanking our lucky stars for bringing him to us last year, I am not sure if we would have made it through 2013 without him.

So, there you have it my boy, our first familyversary kind of flew under the radar…Mommy promises to do better next year.


2 thoughts on “Familyversary

  1. Hi

    I can totally relate to you. My husband and I are also moving towards adoption… which agency are you with? I am thinking of going with Procare?

    Your input on this will be appreciated as you have experience in adoption!

    Hope to hear from you soon!


    • Hi there.

      We went through Zoe Cohen, she was excellent, but I know that, at the moment, her lists are closed for any race other than Black.

      I have heard very good things about Procare though.

      Good luck with the process and stick with it, it is hard going but very worth it.

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