Why are people still so weird about infertility?

My Facebook page is a hive of activity when I post pics of A (well, he is very photogenic!), or my horse but, God forbid I share a post with a meaningful message and……uuuuurk (sound of brakes), the interaction comes screeching to an abrupt halt.

Today marks the start of Reproductive Health Month in South Africa and, my NPC, IFAASA (I call it mine but, really there are 4 of us who run it), is running a massive campaign to try and get people to get checked out early by a Fertility Specialist and not waste years at a GP or non specialist Gynae.

We have been prepping for this campaign for a few weeks now, gathering personal stories to form part of our I am #1in6 Campaign, to try and make people feel less alone during their journey.

Last night, I was excitedly scheduling posts and reading stories from the bravest women you would ever meet. I know this campaign is going to be a huge success when it comes to raising awareness around Infertility and I am proud of what we will achieve. So, I got caught up in the excitement and….. I shared the campaign to my Facebook Page.

This morning, it had 1 like.

The last post I did with A in it, garnered 50 likes and a bunch of comments. It’s not like I have thousands of FB friends, I have under 300, so 50 likes is good.

I can really only assume that my friends are still “grossed out” by infertility, like it may be catching or, perhaps they feel that it is still something to be ashamed of.

Do they not realise that, just by liking my post, one of their friends who desperately needs to know they aren’t alone, will see it and be helped? 1 in 6, people!!!! 1 IN 6!!!!!!! 

Do they not realise that, just by liking my post, they won’t catch infertility? Maybe they think that people will think they are infertile though and, how embarrassing that would be!?! *eye roll*

It annoys me but, it spurs me on to make this campaign a huge success. If I can convert just one of my shy Facebook friends to share, or just like the posts that I share and they have around 300 friends on their profiles then, potentially, I will reach another 50 Infertiles.

That to me is worth any “embarrassment” in the world.

I am out, I am proud, I am Infertile, I am #1in6

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