40 good deeds at 40!

So, today I turn 40. We had beautiful rain in Joburg last night and it was very symbolic for me, washing away the remnants of my thirties and allowing my new decade to start fresh and with a clean slate.

I spent some time last night, letting the last remaining ghosts go and I woke up feeling happy and mentally light and ready to start this new chapter with a bang! I also got thoroughly spoilt by my 2 boys, both of whom I am so grateful for.

Today I am also revealing my pledge for this year…. to carry out 40 good deeds at 40. I am telling this to the blogosphere so I have some accountability 🙂 as it will pretty much need to be a good deed a week, to allow for some holidays and downtime etc.

I know what I am doing for my first good deed and will reveal it shortly. Just 39 more to think up! I really can’t wait to do some good in this tough and sometimes downright vicious world we live in today.

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