Thank  you for checking out my blog!

Here is a bit about me…

  1. I am 39
  2. I have been married to my (very patient) beloved Hubby since Oct 2005
  3. We have been trying to become parents since March 2006
  4. Our first IVF was in 2007
  5. Our second IVF was in 2009
  6. In April 2011, we moved half way across the world in an attempt to have a fresh start (from UK to SA)… I am South African and Hubby is British
  7. We got on the list to Adopt a white baby (in South Africa) on 14th November 2011
  8. We had our 3rd and final IVF/ZIFT in June 2012, where we got our first ever BFP!!
  9. On 22nd November 2012, Eloise Iris Seana, was born sleeping, the decision we made was the hardest, most heartbreaking decision and one no parent should ever have to make. You can start reading all about our heartbreak here
  10. On 14th December, exactly 13 months after we got onto the list, we got THE CALL
  11. On 18th December, Ashton came home.
  12. To fill in the gaps and to find out more, you’ll have to read on…

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Bok,

    Thanks for your informative blog. I am in a similar situation as you. We have been trying to start a family for almost 3 years. I have had 2 failed ivfs and have just done a zift (literally last Saturday, 15 September). I have also been searching for zift success stories without much luck, but have found hope and faith in your blog, so thanks for sharing your story!

    luckily the healing is going quite well – yesterday was terrible but I am already dealing a lot better today and am getting my stitches out tomorrow. My stomach is very swollen though, not sure whether you experienced the same thing?

    Which clinic are you with? I am with Vitalab in Sandton.

    Here’s hoping that I can stay sane during my 2 week wait.



    • Hi Andy

      Good luck for the 2WW, it is a really hard one, as we actually have to wait the full 2 weeks (or longer if you abide by VL’s dates 😉 ). Yes I had the swollen tummy, it will take time to go down, make sure you take it easy when you get out of bed etc, don’t put too must strain on your tummy muscles.
      Yes, we are at VL…I honestly think that they are one of the only clinics that still do a ZIFT, as it is quite hectic but, hey, it was the only thing that worked for us and so I will put up with a few scars!!

      Good luck, keep me posted!

      Bok x
      Ps: have you tried the fertilicare forum? great place to share this journey with women going through the same thing.

  2. Hi there

    I came across your blog in an adoption forum, where you mentioned that your partner is not South African, yet you managed to adopt. Would you please be able to give me the name of the agency you used? Like many others in the forum, we’ve been turned away by plenty of agencies because my husband is foreign, though I am South African & we’ll be married for 5 years this year. It’s been quite a heartbreaking experience, so we’d love to know if there are any avenues we can take that are not governed by difficult bureaucrats who do not take the time to assess our unique situation. We’d appreciate any help at all! Many thanks, Terry

  3. Hi Bok, I wanted to ask you a question on how you managed to get your boy’s name changed. I am still awaiting certificate from the registrar – waiting 9 months. Any of your wisdom will be appreciated. Best Gerri

    • Hi Gerri. Sorry for the delay, I havent been on my blog for awhile. A’s name change is still in process, we only applied in January, so we are a bit behind you in the queue.
      Hope they get their arses in gear, as we want to take him overseas to meet his other grandparents this year still!
      Hope yours comes through soon too!

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