Anniversary of The Call

A year ago we found out of your existence my Gorgeous Boy. Our lives were literally turned upside down within a teeny tiny minute.

On Sunday you turned 1 and we celebrated with family and friends and I marvelled once again how time does fly. I promise I will take time this December to sit every day and just drink you in, to set these memories in concrete.

I love you my boy, so much.

Mommy xxx

1 Year…

…since you left us to become Heavens most beautiful Angel.

It has been a year of emotional turmoil without you my precious girl. Time has done what it always does and started to heal our raw pain but, today it feels like it was yesterday that we let you go. I can remember every moment of our last day together so very clearly.┬áListening to your heart beat for the last time, splashing you in the bath while you kicked me to show your enjoyment, dancing out in the rain with you…today is also a rainy day, as if Mother Nature is grieving along with us.

Today of course, we have your brother with us, to give us the kisses and cuddles that you never could but, they aren’t soothing our souls as much as they do on any other day of the year because, today we wish with all our hearts that it was your kisses and cuddles we were getting.

We couldn’t have made it through the week without the support of our amazing friends. We have received flowers in remembrance of you, we have had poems dedicated to you and we received a card and a phone call from Compassionate Friends, today to say that they are thinking of you. You have had candles lit for you in South Africa and in England and we have had countless messages of support from all those who’s lives you touched in one way or another. You really are a very special girl and, even though we grieve with all that we have in us, we are blessed to be able to call you our daughter.

We love you Eloise Iris Seana Williams and we will never ever ever stop loving and missing you. I hope that you are with your Gran Gran and Great Grandpa, sitting on their knees and getting the cuddles from them that we cannot give you. I also hope that you are playing with your cousins Morgan and Isla, who’s anniversary is also approaching. Most of all, Mommy hopes that you are happy and know just how much you are loved and missed by us all down here. One day, we will be able to tell you and give you the hugs and kisses that we long to give you, our time together is yet to come and, when it does, I will treasure each and every moment.

Till we meet again my Angel….

All my love,

Mommy xxx