Baby Shower Survivor!!

Well, the Baby Shower came and went on Saturday and, guess what, I survived!!! Looking back, I can now see that the anticipation of the day was so much worse, than the day itself, but I guess that it also helped that I was one of the hosts and so was busied with making sure everyone was happy and kids stayed alive etc.

The meltdown actually came the day before, when hubby and I were at my Mom’s house (venue), firming up plans for the next day and one of our family friends who couldn’t make it the next day, dropped of this mahoooooosive hamper for the baby. As it was open, my Mom decided to have a nose and out came piece after piece of the most gorgeous baby goodies that you have ever seen. Hubby and I excused ourselves and I just about made it to the car before bursting into tears and sobbing great big hicupping sobs all the way home (luckily hubby was in his own car, or else he might have been tempted to open the door and boot me out!!). All that was going through my head on that drive home, was that it would NEVER be our turn, it would NEVER be MY baby shower and I would NEVER have a baby to call my own….

After that, the next day was actually a breeze in comparison! It was made hard when people started asking me stupid questions like: was my bro in law coming? I mean, as far as I am aware, Baby showers are girls only aren’t they? Not so apparently, as now the proud Dadda is allowed to partake…. shows you just how much of a baby shower pariah I have been, that I didn’t even know the correct answer to that hey?!

BUT, most importantly, I survived!! Now I have 16 days and counting till the little fella arrives, at which time I will also be hyped up on hormones for our cycle! Yikes! Make sure you check back for those “fun and games” aka tantrums and tears…

Still a baby shower reject!

And I wonder if I will ever be anything other than a “baby shower reject”??

A girl (ok, woman at our age!) who I am friends with in all ways (and not just on facebook!), plus I even went to primary school with the father of the baby, is having her baby shower tomorrow… and I am not invited 😦

I only found out by mistake, when visiting another friend today for a cheeky vino after work, as she assumed that I was going and, why aren’t I?? The only reason I can think of, is that there is a great big sign on my head which reads “INFERTILE, DON’T LET NEAR BABIES OR EXPECTANT MOTHERS, AS MAY EXPLODE”.

Carron, I hope you have a wonderful time tomorrow and, I promise I won’t try and steal your baby when I see you after the birth!