Never plain sailing….

Just as I was beginning to believe that, perhaps, just maybe, this pregnancy could actually be a reality… I went for my 4th beta today, to find that it didn’t double!! My beta’s have been as follows:

3rd July = 124
5th July = 251
7th July = 544
9th July = 714!!

Plus, yesterday I had sharp pains in my right ovary that lasted 40 mins and happened twice, so now I am panicking about an ectopic….especially as I had a ZIFT and the zygotes were put back in my right tubes ūüė¶

I have emailed my¬†Fertility¬†Specialist and am awaiting his response. The nurse didn’t seem too worried though and said that they don’t need to see me till my scan on the 25th… but I’m like WTH?? 3 beta’s rose perfectly and then it didn’t even go up 50% …why, when we were THIS close to believing that it was actually our time, does something like this have to happen??

Please keep us in your prayers…

Bok xx


Ok, so after recovering from the shock of seeing the + appear on the HPT (after all these years, that is truly something that I never thought I would see), I got my arse into the car and zoomed to the clinic for a beta test…there was just NO way I was waiting till thurs!

They rang me with the news and I will never forget the nurses word’s… “you’re pregnant”!!! So I asked about the levels and she countered with a “why did you test early? Did you do a urine test?” Ummmmm, nooooo (great way to start the pregnancy hey, by lying! Kid(s), do not follow Mommy’s example!!) So I told her it was because I had terrible cramps last night (true) and, as it was 14 days since our egg retrieval, I figured that it really wasn’t too early and I didn’t want to wait till Thurs. She accepted that and told me my levels… now I was hoping for anything around 100 as that would be a strong beta and not cause more sleepless nights and, drum roll please…. they are 124!!¬†We are very relieved and cannot believe that we have made it this far… THANK YOU GOD!! I know my Gran is probably sitting up there saying “I told you so!” so, Gran, I am sorry that I doubted you!

Thursday we do a repeat beta and pray that it doubles…this waiting game is far from¬†over!