You haven’t got kids…you wouldn’t understand!!

And, by that heading, I don’t mean words, I mean that look that we have ALL experienced, when you dare offer a mother some advice, or agree with something they have said… when they look at you that fraction of a second too long, before slowly nodding/shaking their heads (with their eyes cast down) at what you said and the look says it loud and clear: YOU DON’T HAVE KIDS…WHAT DO YOU KNOW?? (and different variations of same).

This is my answer to anyone reading this, who has ever given someone said look: We have been watching parents closely for the entire time we have been ttc (in our case, 6 years), we have seen the mistakes they make, we have made mental notes of what we feel they have done right, but believe you me, before you had your children, you did not absorb nearly as much kiddy raising info as we have and so, if there ever was someone’s advice to take, you should maybe consider taking ours!!!