To My Secret Santa…

This year I decided to join in the Secret Santa for Bloggers, run by the fabulous Cup Cake Mummy. As my blog has been somewhat down over the past 12 months, I wanted to quickly log on, in case my secret Santa is stalking me, just to put a few things straight…

Even though the past 12 months have been tough and the next seem like they wont be any easier (our beloved 5 year old spaniel has lymphoma and we dont know how much longer he has 😦 ), I am generally a cheerful and happy person. I love my family (sister and Mom sometimes my aside 😉 ) and view my friends as the family that I chose for myself. I am fiercely loyal, I love my dogs and all things animal…I am one of those annoying peeps who share the doggies on death row on fb and who drags you to comedy nights, when it is for a good cause. 

My house is neutral and turquoise, so anything those colours will fit in perfectly, I am not very creative but I love when others are and I buy bright pics and nik naks from markets often.

My fave SA bands are Prime Circle and The Parletones but my music loves range from Bon Jovi ( FAVE BAND EVER!) to Indie music like Mumford and Sons etc. 

I also love Christmas and would welcome any deccies to put up around the house, especially this year as Ashton will be one and will love sparkly things to look at.

Anyhoo, that is all for now, hope you have a fabby week! I am turning 35 tomorrow…GAH and it is the first birthday that I am not stupid excited for…getting old does SUCK!!

Bok x