My Boys heart is about to be broken…

…because his first girlfriend is moving to Australia 😦

Baby L lives down the road and it has become routine for her and A to play together in the afternoons. She is a bit older than him (that’s my boy!), but her name is the first that he has learnt, after Mama and Dada! He doesn’t even have a name for his Nanny yet!

Tonight they leave the complex and start their journey to their new lives and I know that my poor boy will be at such a loss tomorrow and Friday and everyday from now on, as to where his L has gone. It just breaks my heart every time I think of it! 

I know this is the first of very many little girls breaking his heart but, the fact that at 18 months, he cant understand makes it much worse for me.

Thank you for brightening up my boys day L and thanks to your Mommy and Daddy for being so supportive during our darkest days. Good luck to you all in your new life! Please tell me you have sold your house to someone with a little one??