Nurture Vs Nature Part 1

I have labelled this part 1, as I am sure this topic will become  a constant on my blog, going forward.

For now I want to start as to why I love the fact that my boy carries no genetics from either myself or D. For a start, no one looks at him, searching for a sign of either of us and neither do we. He is his own person, he looks like himself and that is that. Sure, he carries similarities to his tummy mommy and donor and to his half siblings too but they are not in our lives and so I never find myself searching for them in him…he is himself, his own little person.

Secondly, his personality is his own too. He is nothing like my sisters kids BUT I like to think that that is down to our parenting and not solely his genetics. We are laid back parents and so he is a laid back and happy little boy who loves people, including strangers. His cousin however, who is 6 months older than him, hates anyone he doesnt know and that includes peeps he deems as not knowing well enough, such as myself and his grandparents! All this means that A is by far the favourite as far as his grandparents are concerned! We don’t get an iota of credit in the matter though, as it is assumed that he gets it from his genes! Sigh…I am sure if he was a terror, it would be down to us and nurture but, now he is adorable, it is all nature!! A no win situation for sure but, I know in my heart, we are doing something right and that is good enough for me!