The best day of my life!!

So, we had our 17 week scan and told Doc that we were having a gender reveal party that weekend (the scan was on a Friday), so we put him a bit on the spot with regards to making sure he was right, bless him!

Anyway, he made his decision and sealed it up nicely and of we went! We had it in our possession the entire night and, I must tell you, I am a present shaker of note and the fact that I didn’t prise open that bit of paper was nothing short of a miracle!! But, I was determined we would celebrate every milestone that we have with our Miracle Baby and, knowing that all our friends and family were looking forward to discovering our news with us, kept me calm and away from the hiding place!

The next day we dropped our note off at the cake maker and asked her to check that she could read, his kind of terrible and typical doctor’s, writing. She confirmed that indeed she could…now, that was quite hard…the doc knowing the sex of our baby was one thing BUT, the cake maker, quite another! Suffice to say, hubby had to practically drag me out the shop! ­čÖé Anyway, we had given them the task of making a cake with neutral icing on the outside, with a pink and blue question mark on it and then, inside would be the colour icing┬ádepicting┬áthe sex of our baby ie: pink for a girl and blue for a boy. This concept is quite common in the USA apparently, but not at all here in South Africa and so all our family and friends were so excited to be included in this way…esp as most had never heard of it!

On Sunday, we collected our cake and cupcakes (we had asked for a selection of blue and pink cupcakes) and they were truly the most beautiful things I have ever seen…take a look!

People started arriving around 11am and we immediately started them off guessing what the sex would be. If they needed more help deciding, we did a few old wives tales to help them out. First was the dangling my wedding ring over my belly…it depicted a GIRL. Then it was the pace of the heartbeat…over 140 = boy, under = girl. We played a recording we had made with our doppler and they counted… 148 = BOY! Then we talked about craving sweet or savoury and it has been savoury = BOY! Then we talked about whether hubby had put on weight or not during my pregnancy…he had = GIRL!! So, they were neck and neck! Last question was whether I had suffered morning sickness or got away with it… I had a very easy 12 weeks = BOY!! So, boy won out and Team Blue started outnumbering Team Pink. Time for the cutting of the cake! We were asked what we thought baby was and, solely because my gran had said that she saw us with 2 boys (see previous posting on chat with a medium), my feeling had always been boy and hubby, being a typical man ­čśë also thought blue…cue cutting the cake and…


Now, I am not sure if our┬ásubconscious┬áknew all along, which is why we cut into the pink question mark… but, either way, we are OVER THE MOON!!

We then gave the Team Pink guests the opportunity to choose baby names and stick them on my tummy, it was a great way to get some good ideas!

What a day and what a wonderful way to celebrate our Miracle Girl, I am so so pleased that we chose to do it that way!