My new worry… how will the dynamics change?

So, lets say that the past 6 years had panned out as they should have…. we would have 2 kids, one of 6 and one of 4. My 2 closest friends from primary and high school have 2 kids of those ages and, since we have been back in SA, we have reconnected and become close once again (my hubby has also befriended their hubbies and so we are now a group rather than a 3some), so in this scenario, our kids would all be good pals too and we would continue having our weekends at the Vaal and hanging out together for the next 10-20 years.

Now, lets skip to the life that we are actually living….at the moment we are a strong group, we go away for weekends together, the kids love us and all is hunky dory. What happens when we get the call (from my lips to God’s ears)? Or, if what my Gran said, comes true and we have a successful final cycle and it ends up being twins (please, please, please!)…. how will it all work then??

I sat at the Vaal Dam with them all this past Easter weekend and we were discussing what our favourite age has been so far 20’s, 30’s or 40’s (for Kel’s Mom who was there) and my 2 buds agreed that def their 30’s (we’re 33), as all the baby stuff was behind them and now they have got their lives back and that they always wanted to have had their babies by the time they turned 30. It was quite hard to listen to, not because I will mind wiping bums and clearing up puke when it happens BUT because I had also planned that I’d be done with it all by now….

Anyway, I guess time will tell whether our friendship will change….but it is kind of inevitable, no matter how many times they say that it’s cool because the elder kiddies love playing dolly and they will do nappies etc…I need to be a realist and get my head around the fact that, the minute we get that call, or a + sign on a pee stick….the dynamics will shift and when that does eventually happen and 6 years of TTC comes to an end, I doubt that I will want it any other way!